Friday, October 02, 2015

Train Day in Skagway Alaska

Our second stop in Alaska was Skagway. We decided to do a shore excursion sold by Princess. I love riding trains and ships, this day we did both!  White Pass and Yukon Scenic Railroad pulls their train up to the ship and you jump on-board for  ride up and down the mountain. I wish it was  more sunny and clear day, but I still got some good photos! Click on the photo below for a slide show of our trip.

Skagway Alaska

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Exciting Days!

In the last three weeks we  have done all kinds of things! We took a ten day cruise to Alaska, celebrated forty years of marriage, became new grandparents and traveled, to and from, Portland on the Amtrak Coast Starlight. We had many fine meals and gathered award points from Marriott and Hyatt Hotels. Avril has been amazing! She is  pleasure to travel with and somehow manages to juggle work and personal time with grace. Thank God for high speed internet access and happy hour wine!
I just now sat down and started to sort out all this adventure and figure out how to blog about it. I think I will hit the highlights a little at a time.
Stern Pool Golden Princess- Looking back to San Francisco
Rainy day in Juneau!

The first stop of the cruise was Juneau. It was rainy and cold so we did not spend much time on shore. We wandered about in the bluster and ended up at Taku Store. We bought lots of salmon as souvenirs and gifts. In my brain, edible souvenirs are the best. We headed back to the ship for early dinner time in the Crown Grill Steakhouse, to celebrate forty years! Our great kids had prearranged gifts of champagne and wine and somehow managed to convince Princess to comp the cover charge for the Crown Grill. We both ordered filet mignon and lobster, our favorite! The entree arrived on huge plates surrounded by more plates with mushrooms, fries and grilled asparagus. It was the smallest item on the menu but still a enormous amount of food. I was wishing I had skipped breakfast and lunch!
Crown Grill Golden Princess
Golden Princess a great place for our anniversary!

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Happy Anniversary!

Princess Cruises is celebrating 50 years! We thought it was appropriate to celebrate our 40th anniversary on board the Golden Princess north to Alaska. Forty years! It was an arranged marriage, she was 6 and I was 9. Insert smiley face here!! ;)

Happy Fifty Princess Cruises!
 One of our favorite things to do on a cruise ship is eat! My favorite meal of the day is breakfast and the Golden Princess is a great place to eat it. I like to have two breakfasts! Breakfast number one is at 630 a.m. in the Piazza with coffee drinks and pastry.
Cappuccino Piazza Golden Princess Alaska
Pastry! Golden Princess Alaska
 Breakfast number one proceeds walking the decks for me, and Zumba for Avril. Got to work up an appetite for breakfast two at 1030! I have not had grits in many a day. So many breakfast choices in the Horizon Court Buffet!
Buffet Breakfast Golden  Princess Alaska

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Power Breakfast !

We are in San Francisco to begin our latest journey. It is breakfast and we decide on our favorite spot Americano, inside Hotel Vitale. On entering I notice a large covey of suited business men. It appears Americano is THE spot for San Francisco politicos to meet and greet in the morning. Faces included former mayor Willie Brown and journalist Phil Matier. These guys know good food!!
Power breakfast Americano - Hotel Vitale San Francisco
We felt a little out of place casually dressed and Avril was mad I told her not to put on makeup. I think it was George Gobel who said, "Did you ever get the feeling the world was a tuxedo and you were a pair of brown shoes?"

Thursday, August 06, 2015

Living the Tomato Life

It's tomato season! Get one while they're ripe and sweet! Here is a breakfast "recipe."
Homemade Tomato Sando
Homemade Open Face Tomato Sandwich

"Recipe" and sourcing.

Whole wheat loaf, Creekside Bakery
Red tomato, homegrown
Best Foods Mayonnaise aka Hellman's Real Mayonnaise
Yellow Heirloom tomato, Harvest Market
Trader Joe's pink Hawaiian salt, fresh ground
Trader Joe's pepper, fresh ground

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Coffee Talking

The coffee kicked in and cleared my head this morning. As I cruised social media I realized i'm not the only coffee head around. If I had a dollar for every cup of coffee pictured on social media I would be a very wealthy man. I cruised through my photos over the year and made a collage of my caffeinated indulgences.
Coffee Talking
My home brew method is a little less photogenic. I hand grind the beans and use a Harrio pour over.
Coffee is a very profitable product. At home you provide the labor and save over eighty percent of the cost of a cup. I must admit it is fun to hang out and watch the coffee crowd.
Harrio Pour Over

Sunday, June 28, 2015

My Daily Bread

I was reminiscing about the days when my wife stayed home and took care of our four kids. She had to maintain a strict budget and provide good meals the gang would eat. Going shopping with that many kids was crazy! We purchased a chest style freezer and would stock up to minimize expense and shopping trips. One product we used, and still use today, is Bridgford Foods frozen bread dough. She would bake a loaf or two a day. When I got home from work the house was perfumed with the scent of fresh baked bread. We baked some off the other day and I took photos and posted them on social media. Bridgford was kind enough to ask to use them on their social. Sure enough! Photos to make you hungry!

Fresh Baked Bridgford Bread
Grilled Cheese Bridgford Bread

Toast and Jam Bridgford Bread

Cinna Nom Nom Toast Brdgford Bread