Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Coffee Talking

The coffee kicked in and cleared my head this morning. As I cruised social media I realized i'm not the only coffee head around. If I had a dollar for every cup of coffee pictured on social media I would be a very wealthy man. I cruised through my photos over the year and made a collage of my caffeinated indulgences.
Coffee Talking
My home brew method is a little less photogenic. I hand grind the beans and use a Harrio pour over.
Coffee is a very profitable product. At home you provide the labor and save over eighty percent of the cost of a cup. I must admit it is fun to hang out and watch the coffee crowd.
Harrio Pour Over

Sunday, June 28, 2015

My Daily Bread

I was reminiscing about the days when my wife stayed home and took care of our four kids. She had to maintain a strict budget and provide good meals the gang would eat. Going shopping with that many kids was crazy! We purchased a chest style freezer and would stock up to minimize expense and shopping trips. One product we used, and still use today, is Bridgford Foods frozen bread dough. She would bake a loaf or two a day. When I got home from work the house was perfumed with the scent of fresh baked bread. We baked some off the other day and I took photos and posted them on social media. Bridgford was kind enough to ask to use them on their social. Sure enough! Photos to make you hungry!

Fresh Baked Bridgford Bread
Grilled Cheese Bridgford Bread

Toast and Jam Bridgford Bread

Cinna Nom Nom Toast Brdgford Bread

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Kicking and Chilling

Let me get back to reality. First off, congrats to the Dubs! Hard work and determination pays off!

Where  have I been? Right here enjoying life! We are plotting more trips this year but for the moment I have the urge to produce some time relevant blogs. This morning I put together my version of the ubiquitous breakfast sandwich. No fancy recipe here, just ingredients I keep around the house.

Acme hamburger roll
Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage patties
Free range chicken eggs- scrambled
"Merican Cheese!" Don't hate it melts so good!
Sliced hot house tomatoes
Irish Butter
Crystal Hot Sauce
Salt and Peppa! Push it real good here
Lifes a Picnic Breakfast Sando

Friday, May 08, 2015

Princess Mexico Cruise La Paz

Our port stop today  is La Paz. The ship docks in Puerto Pichilingue where buses wait to shuttle you on a 45 minute ride to La Paz. On this trip we decided to hang out at the ship as the herds head into town. There is a small Mercado right at the port we wandered in search of souvenirs. In our world travel photos are the best reminder of our travels. We check out "Sanctuary," an adults only area for rest and relaxation. The is small extra charge for this luxury so we decide to grab our books and ride up to Skywalker's Disco. During the day it is a quiet place with big comfortable chairs and  dynamic views. After a  burger for lunch and a send off from the Mexican Navy we are off to Puerto Vallarta.
Mercado Puerto De Pichilingue Mexico
Sanctuary Star Princess 

Star Princess Stern Pool Puerto Pichilingue
Star Princess Skywalker's view
Star Princess Cheeseburger
Navy Escort Star Princess

Star Princess Dessert

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Princess Cruise Mexico - Loreto

Loreto is our port of call. The last time here this was a sleepy little spot. This trip there is a motorcycle event in town and the activity level is high. One of our favorite T.V. chefs is Chuck Hughes from Canada. On his show (Chuck's week off,) he visited Loreto with a stop at El Rey Del Taco (taco king.) As we wandered the streets and plazas we asked directions. We knew we were close but the narrow streets and alleys seem different than they show on a map. We finally found it and wandered in. What a crowd! The couple that own the place work at a crazy pace to keep up with the orders. The orders are all verbal and the cash register is a five gallon bucket on the counter. The menu is limited but the buffet of salsas and toppings make for lots of choices. We ordered the fish tacos on flour tortillas. The fresh local fish is battered and quickly fried tempura style . What a sensation! I want  to move next door and eat here all the time. 

Star Princess Loreto Mexico

Star Princess Tender to Loreto Mexico

Beach Loreto Mexico

Star Princess from Loreto Mexico

Courtyard Loreto Mexico

Hawaiian Dancing Loreto Mexico

Art Loreto Mexico

Lady of Loreto Mexico

Fish Taco El Rey Del Taco Loreto Mexico

Cabeza Taco El Rey Del Taco Loreto Mexico

El Rey Del Taco Loreto Mexico

Star Princess Loreto Mexico

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Princess Mexico Cruise - Cabo San Lucas

The first port on our ten day San Francisco - Mexico cruise is Cabo San Lucas. Dare I say this is the most beautiful? A photo opportunity to the tenth power! From the tender ride to the last Margarita, a beautiful visit!
Cabo Tender Star Princess Mexico

The View Star Princess Mexico

Cabo San Lucas Princess Cruise Mexico

Pelicans Cabo San Lucas 

Marina Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Palm Trees Marina Cabo San Lucas

Boats Cabo San Lucas Mexico  

Margarita Solomon's Landing Cabo

Cheap Therapy Solomon's Landing Cabo
Parasailing Cabo San Lucas from The Star Princess

Jet Ski From The Star Princess Cabo 

Star Princess Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Sea Days! Things to Do Star Princess Mexico Cruise

It is a ten day cruise and you are only in port four days. Don't you get bored? No way! Things to do...
Have Buffet Breakfast Horizon Court Star Princess

Enjoy the journey Star Princess
Cloud Watch Star Princess
Stop and Smell the Roses Star Princess
Play Chess Star Princess
Watch a Movie and Swim Star Princess Lido Deck
Enjoy a Cocktail Star Princess
Shrimp and Lobster Star Princess Portofino Dining Room 
Love Dessert! Star Princess