Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Princess Mexico Cruise - Cabo San Lucas

The first port on our ten day San Francisco - Mexico cruise is Cabo San Lucas. Dare I say this is the most beautiful? A photo opportunity to the tenth power! From the tender ride to the last Margarita, a beautiful visit!
Cabo Tender Star Princess Mexico

The View Star Princess Mexico

Cabo San Lucas Princess Cruise Mexico

Pelicans Cabo San Lucas 

Marina Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Palm Trees Marina Cabo San Lucas

Boats Cabo San Lucas Mexico  

Margarita Solomon's Landing Cabo

Cheap Therapy Solomon's Landing Cabo
Parasailing Cabo San Lucas from The Star Princess

Jet Ski From The Star Princess Cabo 

Star Princess Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Sea Days! Things to Do Star Princess Mexico Cruise

It is a ten day cruise and you are only in port four days. Don't you get bored? No way! Things to do...
Have Buffet Breakfast Horizon Court Star Princess

Enjoy the journey Star Princess
Cloud Watch Star Princess
Stop and Smell the Roses Star Princess
Play Chess Star Princess
Watch a Movie and Swim Star Princess Lido Deck
Enjoy a Cocktail Star Princess
Shrimp and Lobster Star Princess Portofino Dining Room 
Love Dessert! Star Princess

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

To See What We Will Sea

After our great night hanging with the cannabis crowd morning arrived. We toured the Ferry Plaza Market Place in search of  culinary grail. Is there a time when this place is not a sea of humanity? The day flew by and it was time to board the Star Princess. Under the Golden Gate and off to Mexico for ten days of relaxing fun.
Crew Member Art Star Princess

Out the Golden  Gate

Sushi Time Star Princess

Coffee Drinks Star Princess

Buffet Breakfast Star Princess

Music aboard the Star Princess
South to Mexico Star Princess

Cookies and Milk Afternoon Star Princess
Bear in Gift Shop Star Princess

Friday, March 13, 2015

Princess Mexico Cruise Redone

I always like to stay the night before a cruise within walking distance of the port. Does that mean I'll walk? Not likely! This trip we hit the Hyatt Regency San Fran. To say we got a room with a view would be an understatement.
Room with a view Hyatt Regency San Francisco

The hotel was  bustling with a convention group. Of all things it was the International Cannabis Business Convention! Talk about potluck! I digress. At dinner time we walked the Embarcadero Plaza and stumbled across happy hour at Crystal Jade Jiang Nan. Wine,  fried food, conviviality and  a sexy atmosphere made for a great evening.
Mixed Mushrooms - Happy Hour Crystal Jade Jiang Nan S.F.

Fried Chicken - Happy Hour Crystal Jade Jiang Nan S.F.

Let the cruising begin!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Scoop

OK is the scoop. I have been doing this blog thing for ten years and it is time for a change. It took a long time but I finally realized that I can take this "thing" in any direction I want. Lately it has been a chore to produce a blog post. It took me four months to report our ten day cruise to Mexico. Guess what? I just repeated that same cruise a few weeks ago. It was on sale for almost half price! Who wouldn't go again? I didn't want to be boring or repetitive so I sat for a while with blog anxiety. This whole gig was about me enjoying life and expressing that joy online. I asked myself what I really enjoyed most and that is taking pictures. So as this blog goes on my focus will be on photos. Join us on our photographic adventures. I'm sure I can't keep my mouth shut forever so there will be some words. Thanks for following!

Our latest food adventure was a local one. La Hacienda, Novato, Ca.
Two taco combo  La Hacienda, Novato, Ca.

One taco combo plate La Hacienda Novato, Ca.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Runaway Weekend Renewed

Back in January we took an overnight "runaway weekend" trip to San Francisco. We rolled the dice on Hotwire and purchased a room at Hotel Vitale. The place is definitely a five star hotel. To experience this luxury at a "Hotwire" price was a  lucky gamble. We enjoyed the amenities to the fullest.
Hotel Vitale San Francisco

The Americano restaurant in the Hotel Vitale offers great food and service at very reasonable prices. Why even leave the hotel? We tried breakfast, lunch and dinner!
Amercano Restaurant Hotel Vitale San Francisco
We could get used to this luxury!

Monday, February 02, 2015

Star Princess Puerto Vallarta Mexico

The last port of our Princess Mexican cruise was Puerto Vallarta. There was so much to do there that we had some tough choices. The first order of business was to watch the local pilots turn this giant ship around and dock it in small quarters. The view of the shore changes as the the ship turns.
Star Princess docks at Puerto Vallarta

We decided to spend a day at a resort in "Old Town." I copied this from Avril's "log" which describes our day famously.

Puerto Vallarta - Thursday

We decided to do something we have always talked about – we took the cab to Old Town and arranged to spend time at a resort hotel called Los Arcos there.  For a total of $45 for both of us – we got two chairs, a small table, an umbrella (which they set up), towels and 400 Pesos credit for food/drink.  We had use of a beautiful pool area, access to gorgeous bathrooms, food and beverages which are ordered from your lounges and served beach side.   Plus, the people watching was fantastic – parasailers launch from the beach;.  a couple of guys were cutting up fish off the back of their jet ski. A half  dozen gray pelicans loitering nearby, until a  small white dog came charging down the beach and the pelicans stumbled over each other trying to launch themselves into the air.   At the end of the day, we closed our account.  We each had two large margaritas and I had a hot dog (delicious, served with fries, a slice of bacon, chopped tomato, onion on a toasted bun with just a teeny bit of mayo) – we spent 202 pesos of our 400 allotment – you don’t get the $$ back, you just have to pay any overage.  A great day.

Los Arcos Puerto Vallarta Mexico
While on the beach, vendors come by and try to sell you an array of goodies. I bought a knock off pair of sunglasses that looked remarkably like very expensive Oakley glasses. My son later called them Foakley's, fake Oakley's. Another vendor specialty is fish and shrimp on a stick served with lime wedges. Avril was intrepid enough to try some. I found out later that these barbecue fish on a stick are called "pescado embarazado" translation "pregnant fish!" I found a  Puerto Vallarta  promotional video on YouTube that featured  the very vendor who sold to us. 
Pescado Embarzado Puerto  Vallarta

 Exhausted we cabbed it back to the ship. The vacation was not over, we had three days at sea before returning to San Francisco.

Two days later, after a morning of activities, we decided on pizza for lunch. Here is another story from Avril's log describing  my observation of a fellow passenger.

Saturday -  Do you remember My Big Fat Greek Wedding – where Toula is explaining to her aunt that her fiancĂ© is a vegetarian?  Her aunt replies, “What, he don’t eat no MEAT?!  It’s OK, I make him lamb …” 

There is a little pizzeria at the back of the ship – they make reasonably good pizza – everyday, you have a choice of Margherite, Pepperoni, Cheese or the specialty of the day.  Dad was in line to get the today’s special, which was had Buffalo mozzarella, ham, artichokes, mushrooms.  In front of him a man said in an indiscernible accent, “I want the vegetarian pizza.” 
Pizza technician: “I don’t have a vegetarian special today, but I have cheese.”
Man:  “I want the vegetarian pizza.”
Pizza technician: “I don’t have a vegetarian special today, but I have cheese.”
Man:  “Will it be out soon?”
Pizza technician: “I don’t have a vegetarian special today, but I have cheese.”
In the meantime, the special of the day pizza came out of the oven and the man said, “I want that vegetarian pizza.”
Pizza technician: “But that is not vegetarian, it has ham on it …”
Man : “I want that vegetarian pizza with ham.”

  Real life is full of chuckles.  J
Yes we are excited to cruise again!